Travel bookings drop for Eid vacations this year


The variety of Qataris who will be vacationing abroad this coming Eid al-Fitr has visited about 35% compared with the very same period last year, sources at several travel bureau in Doha told Gulf Times."Our records show a decline in between 25% and 45% in the variety of travel reservations by her site Qataris to various destinations from July 6 onwards," a leading travel representative described. He stated he cannot say if there would be a rush for reservations in the coming days, thinking about that Eid is still more than a week away.

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Warm weather condition, vacation amounts to hectic travel vacation


It’s easy mathematics. Warm weather condition, low gas rates and a long vacation weekend add up to one thing: hectic highways.AAA is forecasting that 43 million Americans will travel this weekend, the greatest quantity ever for July 4 and 5 million more than Memorial Day. About 36 million of those will travel by car, the auto club quotes.Of course, the biggest element for the hectic travel weekend is that July 4 not by law one of the national holidays arranged for a Monday naturally falls after the weekend this year.

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Brexit referendum: Australians to take pleasure in less expensive British vacations


While numerous UK holidaymakers travelling abroad will pay more for foreign currency as a result of the Brexit mandate, foreign tourists can enjoy cheaper holidays in Britain - a minimum of in the short-term.The pound plunged to its most affordable level since 1985 following the EU referendum on Thursday, with the sterling down versus every single significant currency group.This could make the UK a more affordable location for abroad travelers.The Australian dollar, at the same time, dropped against the United States dollar and rose against the pound after Thursday's outcome.

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